How can Average Joe create a micro-state that is a member of the UN in the least amount of time?

Q:Now assume Joe is an average white American citizen who has attended college and earns 50,000 USD annually. In addition to his salary, he has 100,000 USD in his bank account. He has no family and is prepared to spend any time, effort, and/or money needed to create a country (most likely a micro-state) that is recognized by the UN and becomes a member of it in the least amount of time possible.

There are a lot of reasons why average Joe can not create a country and pretend it to be a country and expect it to be accepted as a country. And there are enough good answers in the place where the Q was asked. And there are examples of different kinds similar attempts in the history. But we will just jump to how it should be done— What would Joe have to do? How can he pursue his dream?

Create a country. Create a Floating country. Introduction.

To be accepted as a country, he should create a country.
Creating a country has its benefits — like not being UN member, having clear agreements lists(including resource extraction, space agreements, etc). Of-course all that when you are strong enough to support claims you make, but thanks to the progress, countries do not slash/bash each other just for no reason.

Creating a country means to create a force compatible to a countries influence, which is not under the law of other countries. The list of countries by GDP, and in the UN list, there are 211 countries.
The smallest one is Tuvalu, with the population around 11,000 people and a GDP of ~40 million bucks.

So Joe has to create an enterprise which is capable of generating at least 40 million bucks($ of its equivalent) and employ at least 10 thousand people.
Google announces Q4 and FY 2015 earnings: $74.5 billion in revenue for the year, so we may see a successful company is possible. I am not sure how it fits in the description of average Joe, but successful companies do exist.

The problem with them is that they act under the law of their parent countries, so traditional business models definitely do not fit in the plan, it has to be something else.

What separates Google from being or creating a country, assuming they would like to create one?

If the law of their country says they can’t create a country they have to obey because if they do not, the law can be enforced and make that dream impossible.

So, a company which Joe is going to create has to not have vital centers and enforcing a law should have no effect on the company as a whole. It has to be able to continue to make the dream come true under the pressure of law enforcing as a service interrupting factor. Robustness is a preamble for the internet, for p2p stuff, etc. — to work even if some nodes fail. This is the way his company should be like.

Disrupting the dream of creating a country can be done not only by enforcing a law on the company, but they can be enforced on other companies under the countries influence, or individuals in a way to prevent/disrupt the action of making the dream come true, by disrupting, for example, the supply. This way the company has to be technologically independent, kind of self-sufficient in that way. So it has to pursue all in-house production like SpaceX likes, as much as is rationally possible or needed.

The country should have people willing to defend its independence, not for money only, but as a place to live. Thanks to world inequality, in general, there are a lot of people who would like to have better lives and probably would be willing to defend that better life once they have it. They probably would not be very skilled, not the best of humankind, but there will be a good percentage of good people and people with the potential to self-growth and their children which will be the real citizen’s of the country in the future, born and rised.

So this company has to be able to offer them that better life and place and future. If Joe does not offer a simple and brighter future for them he is screwed but good thing about it is that it may be just a glimpse of hope. A lot of good people (I mean in general all humans are good people, they just not always choose good ways because of themselves and because of their environment/circumstances/family) are really in shitty situation, and do shitty things basically for food (Somali pirates as an example, maybe not the best one, but still).

Joe also needs people who will fight for an idea (like SJW), and are more educated to be a teaching force, who is willing and able to work with people. This may be the greatest asset for Joe, not his 50k bucks income, so he should keep that fact in his mind while creating his company and he should attract such people.

  • Catch the wave, Joe, catch the wave — make a great country, so we may be proud of you Joe.

Eventually, Joe needs:

  • p2p network company
  • a set of technologies, a very diverse one.
  • let people know and help them to join
  • future for those people and for their children

What may this company be?

wiki, assembly line of a Citroën 10hp

A company which improves the lives of peoples and probably technology oriented with a very wide spectrum of interests — starting from agriculture and ending with space rockets.

Also, we need a name, Adidos is already taken so let it be Mitsubizyco.

The goal of Mitsubizyco is to help 3rd world countries to improve their technological level and trough that help to improve the life of their citizens.

Another goal is education. Some sort of online courses on steroids, because Mitsubizyco wishes to not only give a formal education, but employ those people, so employment and education (as much as a particular human may take — university level, Ph.D., no limits) should be one of the branches of the company.

Potential clients of that organization, are the second half of that list List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita.

Phase 1.

Thinking. (source)

Joe has to start getting things rolling. Build a kernel of people. And have innovative ideas about the technology he will use, as a lot of his future employees are not well-educated people, and they should add something to the company right from the start, and not be a burden.

An example of such a technology is Foldit:

Foldit is an online puzzle video game about protein folding. It is part of an experimental research project developed by the University of Washington’s Center for Game Science in collaboration with the UW Department of Biochemistry. The objective of Foldit is to fold the structures of selected proteins as well as possible, using tools provided in the game.

And a small video about Foldit and EteRNA. Maybe not the best one, but it gives the impression.

So, the technology should exploit our natural ability to self-learn, but in the case of Mitsubizyco, it should produce not only research but technologies and applications of those technologies, which could be sold or used and trough that grease the future expansion of Mitsubizyco.

This way: …earns 50,000 USD annually. In addition to his salary, he has 100,000 USD in his bank account. — It should be spent on development of such a tool. (Easy say than done, but we see example of such tool(foldit), it just has to be developed further and have direct profit for those who uses it)

The P2P nature of employees also forces Mitsubizyco to develop teleoperating and automation in production(which has great uses in future). As a disguise for many possible questions, Mitsubizyco uses the colonization of Mars — all those technologies will be needed in that colonization, so basically it is not even a disguise, but a real product which may be sold.

Another disguise is Deep sea mining. A bit more complex, because of the forces involved, but luckily Papua New Guinea takes 137th place in the list of potential clients and has some.

So there is a way to justify the development of certain technologies.

Phase 2.

Spread the news. (source)

After developing the tool (at least at a bare minimum of a workable state) and building a kernel of people, the second phase should begin — attracting people, applying the tool and developing it further.

The goal of this phase is to involve people into the system as much as possible, get their work, take donations, establishing a presence in other countries, select people which may become bones of the system, begin to produce things and generate income.

Income generation may be in a set of small businesses, which work on behalf of employees of Mitsubizyco in different countries. And what Mitsubizyco brings to the table is technology, support, teleoperating equipment, software, remote workers, education of those workers, automation everywhere where it is possible, people working on developing those systems.

Key people represent Mitsubizyco in their countries and its small business or those businesses are kept by clients of Mitsubizyco (probably both cases are possible, depends on the country).

Mitsubizyco should develop a set of simple but innovative technologies.

Technology should be understood literally — the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives — also known as a recipe, or a HowTo.

Thus converting wood into an edible stuff is a technology. As an example, I as a citizen of my country, may rent a forest for 300$ a year and have the right to harvest 4,000 cubic meters of wood per year. This wood could be converted into a food for a fish (through mushrooms, and worms as an example) — so potentially those roughly 2,000 tons of wood could be converted to 200 tons of a fish (maybe; needs to be tested and calculated), a fish like Tilapia.

The technology itself is not tricky, but unusual. There are some tricky parts, but in general, it is just unusual. This way Phase 2 includes generating such recipes, tested and working, to exploit underrated resources and underrated possibilities in different countries. It has to be done by aggregation of technologies from different sources — people, small research organization, and their works trough brainstorming how to apply them. There are a lot of researches, which do not find immediate use, and I doubt someone bothered to combine them into one thing. It needs a lot of human hours and brainstorming, the results are not guaranteed and we just do not have the right tools to do so, but Joe is a smart guy and spends his money rationally for his collective mind tool. (In Mitsubizyco it has a name “magic wand”, do not ask why).

Another way is to adapt technologies which already exist in some countries, but in countries where they make the maximum profit (same as outsourcing stuff, but in a bit different fashion, mostly in the part we make the profit, instead of them making a profit).

Phase 3. Base.


At some point in time, depending on the successes of Mitsubizyco enterprise it will be ready to build a base, The Base.

The purpose of this base is to host technological cycles which may be hard to host in other countries, consolidate resources and power and create a seed for the future country. It’s a Place of power.

But as a disguise it is a new resource gathering (deep sea mining) and teleoperating production testing facility, which tests closed cycles of production with zero waste and zero emissions, on behalf and by request of micronations, who are deeply concerned about ships with waste, which is thrown in their territorial waters, so they decided to help the big stupid brothers to improve their technologies using Polynesian (unameit) wisdom of their ancestors. Exactly this is going on there.

As a start, it may be a small ship 3,000–5,000 tons of displacement. At this point, Joe probably has to have a good connection with some of the micronations, to get a flag and registration.

Mitsubizyco may be interested in those things Manganese nodule. They are relatively easy to harvest, the only small difficulty is that they are deep at the bottom of the sea, but the magical wand is created exactly to solve this type of problems, to help to think and combine different solutions in to ready to produce solution by using the Mitsubizyco employee hive mind.

In this way Mitsubizyco gets construction materials, it would be beautiful to find such a place with a relatively big deposit of them near island countries.

the beautiful islands.(source)

As they can generate energy in their sea waters, or allow Mitsubizyco to generate it. So the construction material and energy sources will be relatively close to each other.

But the main goal is to find such a deposit in a good (meaning: least interesting for others) place in the ocean.

I’m not aware in great detail about the sea law and sea resources law, but the good relation with those nearby countries can help to make this harvesting a fully legal operation. But if not, it is the time and place in the story where tension with the law may begin. Those resources are not claimed by other nations (some well-known places are), but considering 70% of the planet is ocean there should be some places left, places which are not claimed.

This phase should solve 3 goals:

  • independent energy source
  • independent resource source
  • actual independent production base with the full set of available Mitsubizyco technologies

Phase 4. Floating city.

The Base. (source)

Phase 3 unlocks the ability to create a big structure in the sea, using resources and energy.

The goal of this phase it to create a place of power and grow it. And refining technologies behind it. And increasing the production for export.

It has to be a floating thing and probably at that point, Joe’s corporation should have a formal agreement with some of the micronations, which allows to host it temporarily in their waters.

It’s a big artificial floating island. It has to be floating to move at some point in time over the place where resources (these nodules) are and rise like the Jolly Roger, claim this place and 12 miles around of it as their territorial waters. And this will be the time where friction with others may start to be noticeable, not necessarily if the place is outside of the usual routes for ships, enough remote from military bases.

But it is a necessary step for future country building, as for the Mars, Joe’s goal is millions of people. It means something around 20×20 km structure, just for food production (with some percentage of sea product supplements), and 10x10km for energy generation (solar something, 10% efficiency) to take about the 150ish places in the countries list, and another 10x10km for energy generation for factories which make exporting products.

This phase goal is to build, build and build. Grow this floating island, attract/select/help to move/teach people, develop technologies and services, be the one who takes outsourcing of production for others, be the Amazon of production, grow, grow, grow, …

Have secret plans and develop a defense, launch orbit satellites, build spy network, establish distinct country attributes.

At some point in time, this place will just be de facto a country.


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