Reshape the scope.

As FB can’t chew and walk at the same time and considering realistically the situation I decided to change the rules and try to describe the background of what is that all about a bit differently to make it a bit more interesting and to have some swirls of activity.

It is still not your usual futurism group.
Each day a lot of things happen in the world. New interesting things which can potentially shape our future.
It is not your usual space group – because there is a lot about space, and it is not about space as just space.

It is about how to make the humanity a K2 civilization in 100 years. A practical guide for a civilization. I understand that for some it might sound a bit too much, those may think about K1 civilization in 20 years.

I’ll try to show you that it is not only sane view on the situation but relatively easy to achieve.
I’ll try to give you arguments for to show that to other.
I’ll try to defend the view from holes you might think there are.
I’ll be happy if you point the holes it really has.

Generally, I wish to give you a weapon, which is about space and the future of our civilization.

Why need we such a weapon?

Despite I’m saying that the task isn’t that complex as it possibly is viewed by a random general public which may be aware what K1, K2 means, it does not mean it is trivial. It requires a lot of work and efforts of a lot of different people for it to really become a reality.

That We part of the group is very important. You might hope that government will do something you would like it to do, but the reality is that government is just a tool and abstraction, but in reality, things are done by People for People. The government has good and smart people, which may think that it needs to do the things you envision, but it does not mean it as a tool will do those things, just because it is a complex structure with its internal rules of existence which does not have a goal to fulfill your dreams. Fulfilling your dreams is your duty.

However, the task requires the cooperation of different people from different fields of knowledge and skill sets.

Achieving the goal does not mean there is no place for individual success during the journey and it does not mean it has no other uses.

Goal of the group and what is on topic

The ultimate goal is to bring K1 or K2 to live, depending on your beliefs.

Short term goal for the group is establishing the view, make it accessible for other people to make themselves familiar with it and bring people which could help in achieving the ultimate goal together.

On topic is everything which helps us to achieve the goals – technologies, discoveries, tools, people, resources, news.
What is not on topic – usual hype articles which essential sense can be condensed in 3 sentences and the rest is water water water intended to catch your attention and steal 5 minutes of your life. Articles with ELI5 are good but they should be annotation/essence first, then ELI5 stuff.

On topic is everything which has a practical purpose in the scope of the goals.
A different angle to look at the on topic is to imagine you are helping the Average Joe with his country plan


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