Im42group, backstory

I guess we may agree in that we would like to make a future better, for our selves on an individual level or for the world.

There are different problems on the route, many of them, including our different understanding of what that better means and just having a different perception of it and a vision of how that the better can be achieved.
Different understanding of what’s good and what’s bad, different understanding why this or other things do happen and other things don’t(everything for a reason fyi).

Another set of problems can be characterized that there is/was/will be a significant number of people who claim they have solutions, they see the road. In the past, in the present and I guess those will be in our bright future. A lesson from the history and maybe from our personal experience – not everyone who promise can deliver(for different reasons), sometimes for objective reasons, sometimes wrong time wrong place or else.

And in general, we constantly try to do so, that better better thing, from the beginning of time, we fail and sometimes we succeed. We know that that better is possible, and it fuels our hopes as the general public and one of the reasons those hopes are existing.

The direction of development I advocate for, and which has working title Plan0 in the group, it didn’t come into existence in one day. For me, it was a slow process and a lot of thinking on different topics, politics, technology, recycling, innovation, simulations, aliens, you name it and it probably will be there.

I tried to remember recently how all that began, maybe it was a proposition of building a fusion engine which I once found, on technologies and lab experiments we already know which could be possible in environment of space and the difference in approach with comes into existence because of space and its difference from earth and  difference of the goal, but I also clearly remember there was stuff going on in my actions and in my head before that.

Or maybe it was that smart matter idea I come up with(and I bet there was/is someone with that idea before me, who I didn’t hear seen or know, so do not claim total originality there), soo which I probably come up with one day after watching bunch youtube videos and trying to describe perfect spaceship, at least superior to those iron buckets with nuts and bolts which they called battleships, and thought they can win against my asteroid harvester space truck – I clearly remember that thread, I definitely humiliated all of them there with my superior design, but they disagreed 😀 ; hm, or it started by discussing the efficiency of railguns in space against ships and me thinking what’s is the solution.

So it was a slow process realizing obvious things like there are some objective problems which are described rather by physics than some financial disciplines, with obvious(after realizing) commonalities between those problems.

Then it slowly began to shape in what could be an answer for the challenge. Realising there already are parts of the answer available, appreciating the development of the ideas which was made by people who really saw through the horizon of their time in the past.
Trough understanding the weaknesses of ideas which look good but have flaws critical to their realization on the current technological level, to think about those flaws and what could be a solution for them.

At some point discussions become not enough and I need a bigger challenge and to develop understanding further and at the same time to indirectly propagate my ideas, and at that time I stumbled on Worldbuilding part of StackExchange. It was a useful experience, it forced me to think on stuff, and crank numbers more often to understand what’s possible and what’s not. But at some point, it began to be not enough, not enough the questions for me to answer on the topic I needed to think about.

In about that time to discuss stuff more deeply and I recalled about the existence of whats I once noticed in the area of Stack exchange – Moonwards project, which has some intersections, especially with ISRU part. And had productive for me discussions with Kim Holder, even if we disagree with her on almost everything, still it was forcing me to think on arguments on formulations etc in my attempts to clarify what I mean what I see. Sometimes it was tiring for both of us, but I hope it was useful for her too.

In about the same time I began to think about creating my own youtube channel for all that, even a lot of problem are associated for me in doing that and about in the time of WB activity someone pointed Isaac Arthur channel and I thought – wow nice, the guy basically describes the potential of space, which is well along the lines of my attitude to space, as a mean to provide resources for us as humans to ease some of our problems and offer some of the solutions we can’t have on earth. And I decided to support it in the way I can, because it tells the general public and show them, disclose the potential of space. We definitely need a change in public perception, we definitely need to educate them to see the true potential, the true scale of space, okay along with other stuff, but still.

Unfortunately, describing the goal and potential isn’t enough, we should have an understanding of how to reach the goal, the road from where we are now to the point where we wish to be. It needs to present some ways to do so to the public for it to catch up on the understanding and maybe for it to add to that understanding, any bit counts. Generally warmup the public notions to be more acceptable to the ideas in that direction.
Unfortunately focusing on how to reaching the goal isn’t exactly in the scope of the channel, contemplating about different potential goals is, but the process of reaching isn’t.

Hard lesson from that set your goal to what you wish to have, even if it is supermega blaster K5 civilisation. Because the goal shapes your activity and dictates what fits and what does not. I hope I increased the quality of some number of episodes(probably not that much), but it began to be not enough and not exactly what I needed it to be, even if it did well, like forced me to wipe dust from my FB account and I noticed interesting people which were attracted by the same source of information which forced me to join FB, so it was useful, and still is.

But then again slow understanding it was not enough and not what it should be.
So this group was brought into existence. Few lucky posts about those KX civilizations created by some guys(not me) and participating in comments brought our numbers to 115 people which held since then with some downfalls(113) and rising 115, and just recently for some reason, we crossed the line of 11² members.(I definitely could do better at promoting the group, and add content, but it is what it is; and I guess few pieces of easy and funny content helped to cross the line)

I honestly expected it will be easier to bring people, but my experience and observing attempts of others to do similar stuff told me how wrong I was.
But on the other hand, the goals of creating the group were multifold, so it wasn’t a problem.

Goals were to have a place to collect some information and store it there, even if FB does not provide good options for that, but just some place for it.

Discussions and pointing out some problems, and we had some and some problems were mentions and I was forced to think about them how big of the problems they are and what are solutions.

I wished more combat, I hoped I’ll find few people who will tear the whole concept in pieces pointing me how wrong I’m on the fundamental and technological level. Didn’t exactly happened, even there is an honorable mention @Kelly Starks who is not willing to join our cult(yeah, maybe not the best name of the group, but I like it, and even one member said he understands the meaning of it, I hope so :D) , but with whom I had a good battle and the first man I respect for being patient and stubborn maybe even more than myself, and after a week(or few) of battle it was technical retreat from my side. So maybe it is even better I didn’t found that in the group.

And as a place which forces me to think about how to reach the goal just by the mere existence of it, and that I can put my thought on that with a chance to be read not only by me. But I guess it is a typical situation for fb groups.
So half of the time when I write some comment somewhere, I think in terms of goals stated by the group, and most of the time when it is a long comment.
The group, people and discussion(in different places) helped me to evolve further in the understanding of how to move from point N(now) to point H(hope, mean future, but u understand).

I think, I traced back the situation from K1 dream to moon stage, from it to earth floating city/country, from it to billion worth corporation, from it to million worth startup, from it to 100-10k entrepreneurship/business, from it to a $1000 test bed but I can’t find/see the way to close an important gap for me $100 month and say on the road of development. Which probably questions my entrepreneurship skills, and rightly so.

And one of the problems you can’t jump from one stage to another, without doing one stage there is no next stages. And I really do not like an idea to sell out to a money bag, even if the option would be on the table. Governments have their space programs, billionaires have their space programs, wealthy persons (100+k) may hope for buying a ticket to space and space future, cultists have their asgardia or maybe it is a middle-class solution to be a servant of some billionaire which wishes his kingdom, but what about the poor guy. I wish the space to be accessible to anyone on the planet – literally to anyone – no questions asked, no conditions set(I mean some long lasting obligations, besides something which is described by 10 commandments or bill of rights).

No one, from those widely known to a broad public, even conceives an attempt to present a solution/a road for the case.
Yes, as not being billionaires there, maybe our road is more hardwinded/twisted and more complex than just funding a space company which develops space hotels for ya’ under your supervising.

Anyway, industrialization of space is discussed more often, at least in some places, and anyway it will be a point in any plan or project associated with space no matter who suggested it and how they will come up to that realization of the necessity and what were their initial visions.

So why not start development and own the thing anyone will need in the future, even those fat projects we know today(mars, BO, nasa), and what by itself can be a tool to own the road to space and create the gate from earth to space for anyone.
Space isn’t only the rocket, it is also a place to go and place to do stuff if there is nowhere to go and nothing to do, a rocket is just a rocket.
Our mars brothers think mars will be the place to go, maybe, why not, but they also will face the problem of establishing industry from scratch, they do not realize that they will eventually 10 years from now, 15 years from now if mars still will be a thing at that time.

There are some space startups which envision some production of certain stuff in space, or BO envisioning industry in space and maybe moving it from earth, which may sound good on the first glance and it rather a sign of fundamental not understanding what to do with a new toy, namely with space and with bigger presence there.
It is a fundamental flaw in the vision, in understanding, in paradigm. There nothing bad in flaws of visions, once you realize its presence you can fix it, one can modify the vision, actions etc to act accordingly to the current understanding of reality and goals.
However changing is harder than it may seem, eventually, things do change, but systems have their inertia. A lot of good ideas (and a lot off the wall ideas) were generated by NSA since 1970, but we still more or less in not the best paradigms of the 70’s in what we would like from space activity, how we do it – even if about 20 years now we can do differently, better, with more result – but we do not.
For companies which are ruled by their visionaries like BO, SpaceX – that inertia can be a less significant factor they are agiler and they did already(spacex) demonstrated the ability to fix and change creating intermediate goals, like nerfing BFR to sizes they can, but how long it takes to realize the necessity of other changes? 10y in mars activity, 20y in it? It is hard to change the core beliefs of a human, and I guess most of you had the experience if you had some discussion over the holy internet. Being ruled by one guy it is a strength and a weakness.
Would you like to place your hops as a bet in hand of people who may not realize their importance?

Plan0 focus isn’t in offering some particular dream, even if some elements of it may be someone’s dreams. It is about taking a tiny percentage of what’s available in space, but which looks like the huge amount of resources compared to that anthill we built here on earth, for the last few centuries.

To take resources to use them to make dreams happening, if they didn’t happen along the path.

I do believe that the path may change the life of a lot of people to be better than it is now, for reasons of technologies and approaches we may need in the future and for the reason how they can be used, and a paradigm – we totally can have opensource technologies, and we can give people seed technologies for free which may ease their burdens in terms of spending money on stuff they should not. For use, bigger is the involvement of people in the system as members who use the fruits and maybe contribute is better because the fruit we are heading to is soooo big compared to those we have now and knowledge humans possess and need to translate in some solid system is also very big and complex.
Basically, we need to port an operating system of today technologies in something which can be used in space, and even just collecting all those manuscripts on which our todays technologies are written is huge amount of work, and more people desire it to happen to have the fruits of the system, better it is for us in terms of what will be possible to make in space later.

But making the life of people better isn’t the goal if it happens as a byproduct of our actions it is great, and sure I’m looking for it, but the goal is to give access to resources and resources themselves, so people could make their life better by themselves, as they see it fit, according to the dreams they have on their own, not one we may offer to them to believe in.

Collective work for individual benefits.

So it isn’t the goal of Plan0 to offer something some piece of technology which would make a life of humans better if there is some then great, go for it, but the goal is a long game. We use our brains as humans should do, and raise our eye’s from looking under our feet, and look at the horizon, look 360 degrees horizon and identify the fundamental problems – everything we do – needs energy, everything we do is powered by energy and we could do stuff much easier and more of it if we should have more energy and howtos how to do stuff.

I do some mentioning of cases what’s can be done, but it more my way to see what’s can be done with all those resources, but it does not mean it is the only way or uses for the potential we obtain. It more an illustration, for other to see the scale and think what they can do, or what’s may happen out of the stuff they appreciate.

There a lot of ideas on the market of ideas which offer their own stuff or to be a solution, something of that sort, let’s say energy – fusion potentially may offer us plenty of energy, which I state as one of the main resources. Or some space projects – like asterid ming, industry in space, humans in space, production in space.

Presence of different ideas is good, they are backup plans for each other, they create a safety net of ideas and actions when one fails, someone else takes the place or other succeed in the directions some failed. That’s great for us all, it means eventually someone succeeds.

Some amount of those relay on creating/developing of new technologies like fusion, others place their bets on further developing of existing technologies to the point they would be suitable to be used in the way people envision like that 3dprintint, some relay on public support that pressure created by that may help to figure things later like it was with marsone, like it is with spacex mars plans, or like it is with asgardia and other stuff I may not know or did forget.

People place their bets and hope all over the places,  some bets look like good stuff/real deal, some perhaps look not that great, but people place their bets anyway.
I certainly convinced that my version of the potential path deserves to have the place among all those ideas.

Endgame is huge, and even potential middle stages are big, and sure enough, it can’t be done by one guy or small group of people. But also we should understand that everything we have or had in the past was an idea in the head of one human at some point in the past, where it all started and over time it developed in something tangible.

One of the key statements to prove is that we already have all pieces of technologies we require to make a big move in space and the task it to join pieces of the puzzle in one picture which does that. There sure is a lot of work in joining the pieces and creating a framework to handle information about them and implement them etc, but the main point is absence the necessity of developing new technologies we do not have today, for the most part probably. That way the complexity of the task may be greatly reduced, and which probably significantly distinguish the approach for a lot of approaches presented in our direction – of space, of energy production and other directions.
The novelty should be of engineering kind of creating a system from pieces preset for us today.

There are failed attempts of that sort starting in the past, so as we may see different degrees of all kinds of automation of today, thanks to different kinds of electronics and software which makes that possible. Thinks with software could be better, so as approaches could be better, but things aren’t that bad, there are some consumer grade pieces which are suitable for solving problems which were not possible 20 years ago and maybe even 10 years ago it was too early. But today is the day to start.



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