Importance of SEAM-factory for space

One of the keys to use any resources in space are the technologies. We may speak about that like exporting technologies in space. It may mean adaptation of currently existing technologies to the conditions we may have them on the surface of the moon or in 0g. So as being able to technological processes for different types of production in space.Exporting technologies is one of the key problems for living in space in any shape way or form one may imagine that named living in space. It is a key problem for mars guys they do not recognize, so it is a problem for using moon resources or moon bases if you wish.

The problem is actually bigger than one may think, even to begin with. Adaptations to some extent even a simpler problem than the need to collect technologies in a way we can handle those and have the ability to create a mostly independent industrial system, a self-sufficient one.

There are a lot of problems like Intellectual Properties and others.

One of which is that a lot of technologies are embedded engrained in the skills of the labor force. They sort of living instructions on how to make stuff – their experience and their skills.

So transferring of technologies, one of the ways, also means detaching those instructions for humans and digitizing all the stuff – basically the goal of automation of production, so it is a process going as result of other factors.

One of the problems for a base, colony or industrial activity in space will be having that database in a coherent form ready for use. Sort of in one package, without the need to negotiate stuff with 10’000’s of owners and manufacturers which are not exactly ready for that exporting process even if they would like to. It is so for a variety of reasons, like unique processes, different standards/approaches, the way how they describe technologies for themselves etc.

Having technologies and technological processes and production and operations described in a unified way is important for exporting technologies so as for their adaptations to existing situations/conditions.

Honestly, I do not see a lot of people thinking about the problem, and definitely, I would like to know if there are some who do and I just do not know them.

That piecewise approach for developing space grade technologies, it works for earth situation, but it not necessarily what you would have with any type of base/structure which relies on space resources – when you have to sort out each grain of technologies starting from making bolt and washers and find a place relations between all the technologies you need. Not even talking that planning makes harder in the situation when you basically have mostly unknowns.

There is such therm as clanking replicator – von Neuman probes, basically machines produce machines. SEAM-factories.

One of the implications of the system and what makes such system possible is describing the production cycles in machine-readable format, in terms used in such system.

Wich also may make adaptations of technologies easier if we can use software to analyze the system and design improvements changes using digital means and software which helps us in the process.

Considering the number of technologies we rely on as today directly or indirectly, quite a fundamental task.

But it is essential for our capacities to utilize the space resources, which are superior to anything we have access here on earth as for today or in the potential future.

The question sort of is, what we gonna do about that? How to approach that problem? Is it a problem at all?

It seems you can build a rocket from scratch in about 10 years with help of 10’000 people, but rockets are just a fraction of our everyday technologies.

Maybe another 10-15 years and we can put a lot of stuff in space, really do and push stuff but it needs a technological map, set of packages you can pick and choose, for to actually do stuff and live in space.


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