Compared to space, Earth is tiny.

Compared to space, Earth is tiny.

Even when we are realizing, by coincidence of someone said something, we saw something on social media or just a moment of enlightening, when we realize how big the Earth is, it still tiny compared to space.

Most of the stuff we use today, most of the things which surround us today are results of technology, thanks to the millions of people who put their efforts into developing those.

they are possible thanks to the resources we use – minerals, metals, energy – it is air and blood for it, so as it is almost the same to us, as technologies which we even do not realize they exist, they keep us alive. Not just provide us with a better quality of life, or help us, but they literary keep billions of people alive. All those fertilizers, and more productive plants and animals are one of the results of the technologies humans develop.

Space, as big as it is, even just out solar system is huge compared to what’s available to us on earth. It hard to imagine the difference, both scales challenge our minds, and sone is more than another, but even when we overcome that the disproportion which exists in our solar system alone is yet another challenge on the way realize or grasp the whole picture.

when imagination betrays us, numbers come to help, and it is the only realistic way for us to grasp things, to work on perception. Suffice to say that Earth as a plaet gets a million-th of energy available in solar system, and humans use even less that few percent(for technological needs) compared to what Earth gets as planet. Sort of indirect use for crops can be maybe 1/10th of total Earth budget.

Access the space and all those resources is a challenge. So big so that people who say you can inhabit polar capes, or make deserts green(Sahara 9million km, 1.5% surface of the earth, 4% of the land(approximate numbers)), make oceans our new home – they sound not that outlandish compared to some of the space propositions.

One of the problems is we never get the same return on our efforts as we may get when accessing the space resources. A day will come if we are lucky, and the problem will arise again.
The problem or the difference is not even in that human populations grow, there are different opinions on that regard, solutions all sort and kind of stuff. But the more important is the new ways of doing stuff which may arise because of conquering the space.

To have the industry in space, it isn’t about moving those harmful production facilities which pump the blood of our civilization today and poisoning our earth’s wells. Yes, it sounds good, but it isn’t that hard to make them work without negative effects, if we have resources for that, mostly energy one of the problems as for today, everything needs energy starting from the laptop I write those words for you to hear.

It more than that, it is the only way to be able to repair the planet, if you care about that, and it the only way to provide an immense amount of resources to develop our technologies which essence of today’s civilisation, remember we all gonna die(many of us) if not those technologies.

Whatever clean technology you have in mind – it can be better.
Whatever fusion unlimited energy you are waiting for – it can be better.
Whatever ecosystems you care – it can be better if we had the options and space resources.

It can be so good, that I almost do not understand why all the green people, and regular folks and sucklings aren’t marching and shout:

— Conquer the space, Galaxy is ours, K1 civilization next week, now

Obviously, there are reasons for that.

Most people rely on others to do the work, in the time they do their part of the work, making it possible for us to discuss and to think about potential solutions. They are busy with their lives, which are important for us all.

But some people have to think about our potential future and they do.

Despite challenges of accessing the space, some of which have technological nature, some of them have physics reasons, how the world works, some of them have political and financial other reason – we overcome them bit by bit.

Despite all the problems associated with us accessing the space, we do improve our capacities in that regard, and there are companies which are notorious for the progress or what they are promising to us like Blue Origin or SpaceX or even space agencies aren’t that bad and tow their part of the job. Plenty of smaller companies and startups which are less impressive in terms of achievements but some of them develop interesting and promising ideas.

There are multiple ways how things may happen, but it is important to keep in mind the end game – make our life on earth better. Make our life anywhere we are – better.

And it needs to keep in mind what can help that to happen – the difference of scale of what we are used so far and one of the Space. It needs to find a way to exploit that difference for it to benefit us all.

The difference we face is bigger than ever before in human history. Even when the first human did standup and looked at the earth and said – I will inhabit the whole earth, and he did – the scale difference wasn’t that big, maybe, in some aspects.

Automation is one of the keys to answering how we can make the scale of space to serve us and our goals.
We have to think big enough, to make space useful to us. Not just for a million or few million of Martians seeking for a shelter waiting for Earth to die so as people living on it. (Or whatever natural or unnatural disaster they are waiting for in their second basket)

Automation and technologies are those levers which allow us to convert the dangers of space in our new tool to be used to solve some of the problems we deemed to be unsolvable.

And machines producing machines, which serve us and not some rogue AI – is a potential way, one of the not that many ways as for today.

SEAM-factory join the collective now! Be the force of the future. Care about humanity.



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