The plan. The ghost of the ghost plan.


Launch payload to land on moon – 400t or less, in 1000t range.

Teleoperate equipment, establish initial capabilities to collect energy

Establish production capabilities to grow energy collectors, produce collectors IRSU

Establish production capabilities to produce most of the hardware for teleoperated equipment, teleoperate assembly line for it

Grow available materials collection capabilities(0.5% wt of Fe regolith), IRSU processing capabilities (volatiles, Ti, Al, Mg)

Produce low-tech electronics (starting from vacuum tubes electronics)

Supply processors and electronics required to continue the growth of the production and energy supply capabilities which complement low tech electronics

Build some kind of energy storage, heat accumulators by using the fact of dust regolith, and availability of iron 0.5% by mass which is easy to sort out.

Grow the system big enough.

Begin to build mass driver track, energy supply along the line, energy storages along the line, energy generation along the line as an example for a 10t launch cart and 100km track, it needs about 254kJ per meter of track energy stored per launch(+efficeny punishment)

Ressuply fine electronics

Launch payload of tech seed with help of mass driver to L1 Earth-Sun (1.5 million km from earth, 1.2-1.8kk km from moon) launch enough of them to establish tech seed production capabilities in the location

Focus moon production on energy and growth of the ore collection capabilities, the ore gathering with minimal processing, payloads manufacturing, supply ESL1 with ores by using the mass-driver track(s).

At this stage target for the moon is to supply ores to ESL1 and grow capabilities of doing so proportionally to demands of ESL1 tech seed. just scoop regolith in bulk, pack it minimally, attach some correction engines, some brain electronics and good to go.

EML1 initial objectives are

Grow energy production – collecting and generation. Using heat engines, thermionics, solar panes whatever is available technology wise and what has better EROI. The efficiency of solutions(turbines, solar panels, thermionics, stirling, perovskite solar cell, etc) is not much of a concern, but EROI of the whole complex itself is most important factor. Reliability, time of degradation, efficiency, mass efficiency – all those factors are not important. They are important as a whole with production and available technologies(simplest) and energy required for maintenance/recycling/production of the solutions and the means of their production/maintenance/recycling. Also, if it includes humans hours(teleoperating) – if something requires too much of them – it is not good. If something is 10% better but requires the attention of 1 human per GW, and another solution is 10% worse but require the attention of 1 human per 1000GW or no human attention except general overview – the second solution is probably better.

Increase capabilities of catching payloads (cables, tracks whatever) – to reduce or eliminate propellant need on payloads launched from the moon.

Increase capabilities to keep the orbit around ESL1 – energy collectors, solar sails, tethers, by launching payloads to earth or the moon.

Grow energy collection and energy generation.

Increase production capabilities.

Increase available technological levels for production capabilities.

Build mass drivers, rotating tethers, solar sail concentrators, laser propulsion(to guide solar sails of payloads) whatever – to launch payloads to moon orbit, and earth orbit.

Build rotating tethers or whatever is requires to supply moon base with production – metals, or ready to use equipment and eliminate that way need to use propellant and resupply of most of the electronic components from earth.

Grow energy collection/energy generation/technologies available.

(optional) Build Energy transfer relay – energy receiver (microwave, solar, laser), energy emitter microwave May be not required, and it depends on the state of the moon base to the moment. There are ways to supply production centers with energy 24/7/365 – nuclear reactors, equatorial ring of solar collectors

1% of the overall efficiency of energy transfer is a good number. higher better for sure, but 1% is good enough.

Build Stations in Earth orbit for Energy transfer to Earth surface to establish 24/7/365 supply of energy for production centers on earth.

Earth centers objective

Production, developing technologies improving production capabilities. Mass produce good old Big dumb booster or better technology for heavy lifting.

ESL1 objective

supply earth orbit with materials, components to establish payload catching capabilities and energy collecting capabilities.

Earth orbit

Establish production capabilities required to build a space habitat.

Build space habitat.

Launch biological forms of life to create the environment.

Test the thing.

Launch people.



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